Book Review: The Confessions of the Curious Bookseller by Elizabeth Green

📚 3 ‘confused but curious’ stars 📚

The Confessions of the Curious Bookseller tells the story of Fawn, the owner of a struggling bookshop and her cringe-worthy attempts of trying to compete with the owner of a new rival book store. This book felt long. Like. Really long.

The story was told entirely through a series of emails, journal entries, notes, texts and ads. But the author truly managed to do a great job of bringing Fawn to life.

If Bridget Jones ever decided to quit her job and turned to owning a bookshop, I imagine it would go very much like this. I don’t think Fawn was curious, I think she was more of a confusing catastrophe. But still, I couldn’t look away.

I expected a light hearted, ‘You’ve Got Mail’ romcom type read, but that is most definitely not what I got. In fact, romance doesn’t really exist in this book at all.

While I found the main character to be irritating, she was also rather complex, and because of this felt very human, which I appreciated. I think I stayed invested as I wanted to see if the author managed to redeem the character, or at the very least make her more endearing.

There is also lack of descriptions of many characters, which I acknowledge is a matter of personal preference, but I did not enjoy this aspect of the book.

This book was very much all about the main character and as she was annoying, this made it challenging to persevere all the way through. If I had a penny for every time I rolled my eyes, shook my head or sighed… well, I’d have a lot of pennies.

However, I’m glad I did persevere. The ending made me smile, and I even felt like I could sort of relate to the main character. I found the book to be well written – the content was amusing and moving at time, though occasionally the story seemed to drag. I would be interested in reading future works from the author.

If you’re looking for an odd read, can tolerate an unusual main character that might grate on you, like reading about some awkward situations, then this might be a read for you.

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