Book Review: Ariadne

4 stars

The book was a nice read.

Ariadne was an enjoyable Greek Mythology retelling.

The book is being advertised as a feminist retelling, I’m not entirely sure what about the book made it feminist, but it was enjoyable.

Ariadne - Wikipedia

Even though the book is called Ariadne, the story is told from a dual POV of the main character and also her sister Phaedra, and this contrast in their personalities and points of view definitely made for a more interesting read.

Ariadne was a retelling about the troublesome Greek gods and goddesses, heroes with egos, tyrannical kings and the mortals who are unfortunate enough to cross paths with them. It was beautifully descriptive and I felt transported to the Greek island of Naxos whilst reading this book.

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If you are familiar with some of the versions of Ariadne and Dionysus’ story, this book will probably not be a surprise. However, I really like the author’s interpretation of Ariadne’s point of view as she goes through her own personal journey of survival in a rather cruel world but I did hope for an alternative ending to the one given.

At times I found the pacing to be slightly uneven and didn’t flow as smoothly as I’d like. Ariadne’s point of view did feel choppy sometimes, jumping between what was happening in the book and I found myself having to go back reread certain passages of text.

However, this was still an impressive debut from an author who I would definitely want to read more from. If you read and enjoyed books like Silence of the Girls or Circe this could be another Greek Mythology retelling you also enjoy.

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