Book Review – The Beautiful Ones

You ever want to like a book more than you actually did? That was sadly the case for me with this book.

The Beautiful Ones tells the story of Nina, who arrives in Loisail for The Grand Season. While at a ball she meets Hector, a telekinetic performer, who is initially uninterested in her, but develops an interest once he learns of her family name. Nina happens to be the cousin of a man who married his first love. A love he still pines for.

What commences is a tangled mess of a love story that, at times, felt like a real chore to get through.

The characters were well developed, though apart from Nina I didn’t find many of them particularly likable or memorable. Nina was charming in her innocence and the way she tried to navigate a world that was new to her.

This book felt like reading a historical romance of a telenovela; there was a lot of bitterness, manipulation, heartbreak and scandal.

But despite all this I still found the story dull and this was also a very slow paced read, there were large chunks of the book where I felt like I was just waiting for something to happen. Nor did I particularly connect or care about any of the characters.

I especially struggled to get through the various character’s melodramatic narration when there was no dialogue.And the paranormal element which I was looking forward to reading more about felt very sidelined.

On paper this has everything I would want from a book; a love story with a paranormal element, a charming historical setting and some beautiful writing. However, for me, none of these seemed to come together to create a compelling and engaging story.

Overall, beautiful cover art aside, this book didn’t do much for me. However, I’m still really looking forward to checking out other works from this author.

If you like a slow burn historical romance with a very slight paranormal element and messy love story, then The Beautiful Ones could be a story for you.

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